Stand Up Paddle

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an old sport that originated in Hawaii. You only need to stand on your board and use a paddle to propel yourself through the water. Practically anyone can be paddling within minutes and our customers range from 6 to 70!  It is one of the most popular outdoor activity among first-time participants. There are endless possibilities …race, cruises, waves, fitness, yoga …What are you waiting for?!!! 

Paddle surf en Galicia

3 Day course
Price: 60€

Start your journey into the world of SUP with this 3 day course. Each lesson is 2 hours and you can choose the days. These SUP lessons will cover the fundamentals of safety rules, balancing, paddling and turning on a stand up paddle board. We provide the board, paddle, wetsuit and instructor. If you really want to learn fast, this is your best option. 

Introduction lesson
Price: 25€

Looking for an introduction to SUP? The basics can be learnt easily in this 90 minute session. After this lesson you will have the skills and safety knowledge to rent a board and start paddleboarding on your own or with a friend without the need of a guide. We provide the board, paddle, wetsuit and instructor.

Individual lessons
Price: 30€/hour

 A full 60 minute session devoted solely to you and one of our expert instructors. We provide the board, paddle, wetsuit and instructor.

Terms and conditions

All of our paddle classes include the material and a liability and accident insurances. All SUP instructors are licensed and there´s a maximum of 6 people for instructor. Safety of our guests, visitors and instructors is our main concern so in case of inclement weather or unsafe conditions the lessons may be cancelled. Knowing how to swim is a must.

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